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We haven't posted here in almost a year (tend to head to facebook more often). I figure, however, that this is a good place to capture some thoughts and moments as Jonas grows. There are things I want to remember when he is older (which of course I won't) which is why I thought it best to write it down. So, these are random thoughts and moments I need to capture (and perhaps organize later).

Jonas could recite and recognize his ABC's quite early. He knew them all by sight well before age 2. At 2 1/2, we're working on sounds (phonetics) and on tracing his letters using a fun ipad app (which he loves). He loves his books and will read them (recite) over and over.

He keeps us entertained each day with his comments and observations. He was very verbal early on - he gets that honestly, poor kid. No chance he would be overly quiet (between his mom and his dad). He LOVES to sing - with the most recent being "All I need is Love" - Beatles and "Footloose." Yes - funny selections. He also sings all of the songs he learns at day school. His new favorite is to recite "Going on a Bear Hunt."

Jonas is particularly funny when he is mad. Tonight (11/9/2011), he was quite perturbed at his dad for making him go to bed. He growled like a bear, "GRRRRRRR Daddy!" and he meant it.

The neighbors had a huge, air-filled Halloween Cat decoration on their lawn - which Jonas was enthralled with and named, Monster Cat. He continues to ask about it, and I explained that Halloween was over, but that we might see Christmas decorations soon. His response, " I want presents." My response? "Who told you that you get presents at Christmas?" I have no idea - but he has already made that association (someone told him!).

He loves to change the words to songs - inserting "papa" and grandma, etc in for other people or words in the songs. We need to skype more often with all papas and grandmas - as he loves this too.

He had gone quite some time without any accidents from falling, etc (when he was younger, he had so many bruises learning to walk, we rarely saw him without a goose egg on his head). -until a few weeks ago - when he managed to hit his head (twice at daycare in the same spot on his head) a total of 4 times in as many days. Falling off tricycles, tripping, etc. - the day care teacher shared the following statement, "I try to teach my class that they can do anything they want - be anything they want to be.... but I did have to tell Jonas, "no, you cannot fly." All I can say is, " ... to infinity and beyond!" - Every time we hear Jonas say that, we know he is jumping from somewhere.... His day school teachers love him - I think they probably let him get away with too much. The primary teacher says that she has a hard time getting upset with Jonas when he doesn't following direction - because he is funny. I can tell we are already in trouble. I predict multiple visits to the principal's office.

He knows his numbers - can count to 30 or so - and backwards from 10 - 0. He can do 1-10 in spanish, but I believe that's the extent of a foreign language - ha. Unless you count making up your own words, which he does all the time - his own language.

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